Carbon Police Cars To Get BMW Engines

An announcement made by BMW and Carbon Motors today will have speeders thinking twice before they channel their inner Jason Bourne in an attempt to outrun that cop car in the mirror.
German automaker BMW received a major order from the American cop car startup, said to include an agreement for 240,000 six-cylinder diesel engines for Carbon’s forthcoming purpose-built cop car in the coming years. 

“We are delighted to support Carbon Motors Corp. with our engine expertise,” said Ian Robertson, BMW sales executive. “We will also help reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of more than 240,000 US law enforcement vehicles by up to 40% over the coming years.”

The Indiana-based Carbon Motor corp., founded in 2003, is the world’s first manufacturer of purpose-built law enforcement vehicles. With the retirement of the Ford Crown Victoria next year, Carbon is attempting to get its foot in the door and sell more of its police cars to law enforcement agencies around the country. It will be a challenge, though, as Carbon will face stiff competition from the Chevrolet Caprice, the new Ford Taurus-based Police Interceptor and the Dodge Charger.
By announcing the use of BMW diesel engines, however, Carbon has separated itself from the pack. The diesel engines could get more than 50% better gas mileage and save copious amounts of fuel during the long periods of time police cars spend idling. Using less fuel means less CO2 emissions and, perhaps more importantly, less cost, which could be very desirable for local departments looking to lower the burden on their taxpayers.
“The BMW Group drive system makes it possible to accommodate the mission critical law enforcement needs for performance, efficiency, and driving dynamics,” said William Santana Li, Chairman and CEO of Carbon Motors Corp. “Efficient BMW diesel engines will benefit not only the environment, but – thanks to the fleet’s lower running costs — also the American taxpayer.”
The fact that Carbon is making BMW a part of its strategy could differentiate it from the competition with its novel use of diesel technology, but it could also ruffle the feathers of those who have been following its path over the last year. In August of 2009 the company applied for $310 million in U.S. federal loans. But on the other hand, the company did choose to locate their headquarters right in the heart of the Midwest — Connersville, Indiana. The 1500 or so jobs Carbon will bring to the region in the next few years will be much-needed relief for the area. Like many car manufacturers in today’s world, they must balance their business across international lines.
Carbon is looking to have their cars on the road by 2014. A sleek design and a BMW engine is a formidable opponent to speeders nationwide. With a scheduled release of almost a quarter-million cop cars, we recommend you mind the speed limit no matter where you are driving.

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