Blue Wall of Intimidation protest lawsuit vs. ex-officer

BY FRANK MAIN AND ANNIE SWEENEY | Chicago Sun-Times Crime Reporters

Cops plan to pack a courtroom next week to protest a reputed Spanish Cobras gang leader who’s suing a former officer.

Juan Johnson’s lawsuit against former Chicago Police gang crimes specialist Reynaldo Guevara is set for trial Monday. Johnson accuses Guevara of framing him with a 1989 murder.

An appeals court tossed out Johnson’s conviction. He was retried and acquitted in 2004. At the second trial, a gang member said Guevara directed him to pick Johnson out of a lineup.

“This is about gang-bangers who testify at a trial,” said Fraternal Order of Police vice president Greg Bella, explaining why officers are upset. “Somebody goes to jail, then they get together. They recant. A person gets released.”

The FBI busted Johnson last year for allegedly selling drugs. At the time, he was a volunteer for the CeaseFire anti-violence group.

His criminal trial will follow the trial over his lawsuit.

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