Attacked Missouri Officer Suffers Brain Injury


A Kansas City police officer suffered a brain injury in a fight at the downtown Power & Light District over the weekend.

Scott M. Wyckhoff, 21, of Lakeside, Calif., was charged with first-degree assault of a law enforcement officer. He is accused of repeatedly striking an officer’s head and body.

Mark T. Wyckhoff, 46, was charged with interfering with a felony arrest. He is Scott’s father.

According to the probable cause statement, Scott Wyckhoff tried to sneak past an ID checkpoint and an off-duty police officer stopped him. Scott Wyckhoff fought the officer, who fell and struck his head, court documents show.

Another officer said Scott Wyckhoff continued to punch the unconscious officer in the head and face.

Mark Wyckhoff is accused of grabbing a second officer who tried to stop his son from attacking the injured officer.

The injured police officer was taken to a hospital. He has bleeding on the brain and is in intensive care. Doctors said they don’t know yet whether the damage is permanent.

The police officers were wearing their uniforms at the time.

Both Wyckhoffs were taken into custody. Scott Wyckhoff said he was intoxicated and that he remembers being aggressive toward the police officer. He also admitted shoving the officer to the ground.

Mark Wyckhoff said he didn’t see his son punch the injured officer.


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