3 Kilos of Cocaine Found During Georgia Traffic Stop


Police in the Bartow County town of Emerson believe a routine traffic stop helped them intercept a large shipment of cocaine headed for Cobb County. It was a comedy of errors on the suspect’s part that helped officers discover the shipment of cocaine hidden in the car.

It started as a simple traffic stop for Emerson Officer Kyle Teems. The black Chevy was doing 91 MPH in a 70 MPH zone — but it quickly went downhill.

“It looked suspicious, they were coming from Tennessee and they didn’t have any type of identification on them. So we asked for consent to search and then found the illegal contraband in the trunk,” said Lt. Todd Heath with the Emerson Police Department.

The driver had no license or ID, the car had recently been purchased in Tennessee, and no one could tell the officer where they had been or where they were going.

When the car’s owner said it was OK, Teems searched the trunk and found three kilos of cocaine hidden in the spare tire well in the trunk.

Teems immediately arrested all four people in the car.

Investigators said they believe the drugs were headed for the Kennesaw area, where all four men live.

Emerson police charged all four with drug trafficking.

The drug task force is trying to determine where the drugs came from.

“If the public knew exactly how much went on, they would be frightened to drive on the streets, especially after hours in the early mornings,” said Heath.


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