September 2010

NEWS: Northlake sues insurance company after losing employment suit

More money for the City of Northlake to pay out regarding lawsuits against the Northlake Police Department and Police Chief Dennis Koletsos…… September 9, 2010 By MARK LAWTON In a kind of chain reaction, a lawsuit against the city of Northlake has led the city to file a lawsuit of its own. In January 2008, Daniel Rasic filed a lawsuit against the city of Northlake, Police Chief Dennis Koletsos and the Police and Fire Commission. Rasic was hired as a police officer by the city in 1999. He filed suit against the city in 2008, claiming the city had fired him for taking family …Read more […..]

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Police Can Put A GPS Device On Your Car Without Your Consent

Court Reaffirms Decision That Rights Weren’t Violated Is your vehicle private property? The answer seems obvious: of course it is. But depending on where you parked it, you might give up some rights in actually keeping it “private.” Police can place a tracking device on your car without a warrant, according to recent judgment in California. Earlier this year, an Oregonian named Juan Pineda-Moreno was convicted of growing marijuana after police tracked his car to a suspected growing site. Pineda-Moreno appealed, citing the fact that on two occasions DEA agents placed tracking devices on his car while it was in …Read more […..]

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