School Bus Near-Miss

Description: A Zanesville school bus driver with kids on board, drove in front of a train in what was called a near-miss. …Read more […..]

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Police Chase Harley

Description: Dallas FOX 4 news helicopter, SKY 4 captured a police chase involving a suspect on a Harley. The suspect had a federal warrant and had been under surveillance. He led police through the streets and highways of Fort Worth and Arlington. The audio in this video is what SKY 4 photographer Mike is listening to during the chase. The audio contains off-air, air traffic, Mike’s voice, the pilot’s voice, ad the news producer. You will hear Mike’s live reporting, as well as the news anchor. Also, check out how the suspect taunts the cops, and the possible excessive force at the end. …Read more […..]

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High-Stakes Ride On High-Speed Police Pursuits

Cops Weigh Public Safety Concerns With The Need To Apprehend What is it really like to be involved in a police pursuit? Instead of watching reruns of Cops or videos on YouTube, we talked with officers who told us real stories from the road, raw and unfiltered. While the bad guys were always apprehended in the stories we heard, that’s not always the case. And the more we found out, the more complicated the issue of high-speed police pursuits became. Pursuing Danger Charles Craft is a retired Chief of Police from Troy, Michigan, and the Director of the Police Academy at Oakland Community College. “In my 32 years …Read more […..]

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