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British Police Funny Running Squad

Description: NO IT’S NOT A GUN. It’s two belt pouches (one is a first aid kit) they are just positioned close to each other on belt to make what looks like a pistol grip sticking out of a holster) …Read more […..]


The City of Northlake and Police Chief Koletsos Lose Lawsuit

It seems the(in my opinion) infamously arrogant and cocky Dennis Koletsos and his equally ignorant employer have lost a lawsuit. This was a long time coming and I am sure they are feeling very good now. LOL This guy has been, in my opinion, running rampant in the Northlake Police Department for years now. It was only a matter of time that something like this would happen. If he testified at trial I would have loved to have seen that! He gets flustered easily and turns red when he gets pressured.Quite comical. I wonder what the residents of Northlake think now that they will have to pay the burden of this lawsuit. …Read more […..]