March 2012

Earl, True Blue 24/7

After being hired by the Northlake Police Department and graduating from the Chicago Police Academy, the first police officer got to really know, besides my FTO, was Earl. I remember my first impression, and the first impression is very important, was that this guy was very confident and knew his stuff. My FTO, Dan, had told me which officers I could trust and which ones I couldn’t and Earl was the first that I was told I could trust. I took this with a bit of hesitation since several of the old timers, Don M., Louie D. and Tommy O., had each told me, in general, to watch out who I trusted. Boy, what a way to enter a workplace! I …Read more […..]

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Northlake Mayor Jeffrey Sherwin in Hot Water!

I would think an attorney would know better. But, coming from the town of Northlake….And, this man and his cohort, Police Chief Dennis Koletsos, both arrogantly stood in judgement of many police officers(most who supported the police union) for, in some cases,  more trivial matters. The old saying that what comes around goes around stands true in this case. Best wishes to Jeffrey Sherwin and Dennis Koletsos! Great Job CBS Chicago’s Pam Zekman! Northlake Mayor Got Tax Breaks He Didn’t Deserve NORTHLAKE, Ill. (CBS) – There are millions of dollars in homeowners exemptions given to Illinois property …Read more […..]

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