November 2010


This is reprinted from an email I received. This situation is ridiculous to say the least!!! We have it hard enough out there doing our jobs, protecting communities, taking scum off the streets, so that others could live without fear.   This Officer was doing his job. In Oct 2006, the offender and another teenager were shooting out car windows when they shot out the car window of an off duty Park Ridge Police Officer’s vehicle with a projectile. The off duty Police Officer and responding units chased the two offenders, when one of the offender’s decided to run and resist arrest. The offender was …Read more […..]

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Ga. deputy killed by suicidal gunman

REENE COUNTY, Ga. — Chief Deputy Kevin Roberts was shot and killed at his home by the target of a narcotics investigation the sheriff’s office was undertaking. The subject had gone to his home and knocked on the door at about 8:30 am on a Sunday morning. When Chief Deputy Roberts answered the door he was fatally shot by the man, who then killed himself. Chief Deputy Roberts had served with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office for 10 years. He had a total of 30 years of law enforcement experience and had previously served with the Union Point Police Department and Greensboro Police Department. He is survived …Read more […..]

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NC gang files complaint against city cops

The Latin Kings street gang says the department’s gang unit has repeatedly harassed them GREENSBORO — Local leaders of the Latin Kings street gang have filed a federal civil rights complaint against the Greensboro police, alleging repeated harassment by the department’s gang unit. Jorge Cornell, the local leader of the Latin Kings, and attorneys from the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, accuse the department of violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The act prohibits discrimination based on race, color and national origin by any program that receives federal money. They filed the complaint Saturday …Read more […..]

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