December 2009

New Badge May Have Saved Tenn. Officer

Oakland police switched to heavier badges this year, and that might have saved an officer’s life early Christmas Eve.Officer Joshua Smith’s new badge protected him during an exchange of gunfire following a traffic stop about 1 a.m. Thursday, Oakland Police Chief Keith Hogwood said.Police were still looking Thursday night for two men who fled the scene.Hogwood said Smith was wearing a bullet-proof vest, but the badge, heavier than the ones Oakland officers wore earlier this year, stopped the bullet.”The chief said the officer was complaining about it being too heavy,” Oakland Mayor Bill Mullins said. “He said he wouldn’t be …Read more […..]

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62-year-old woman killed after threatening officer with scissors

Written by Caitlin McGlade | | [email protected] A female police officer shot a 62-year-old woman described by police as “schizophrenic” yesterday after she brandished a pair a sewing scissors and refused to cooperate, threatening to kill the officer.Officer Diane Chandler, a 33-year-old patrol officer certified with crisis intervention training, shot Linda Hicks multiple times, killing her instantly, said Chief of Police Michael Navarre at a press conference today.Four bullets were found in Hicks’ body, including two in her head. Navarre said he could not verify exactly how many times Chandler shot …Read more […..]

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